The dot office is a modern complex of Class A office buildings. Already 9 buildings, of total leasable area of more than 76,550 sq.m, have been erected. The dot office offers comfortable space for office work, designed in the way allowing for flexible arranging of that space to suit the tenant’s needs. The project buildings are environmentally friendly, each of them incorporates modern technological solutions yet maintaining highest ecological standards guaranteed by the BREEAM certification scheme.

For the benefit of tenants and employees, the development offers many conveniences in the form of various stores and service outlets. The outdoor area, designed in a careful and friendly way, with abundant plantings of shrubs and bushes, as well as chill-out zones encourages to have meetings or simply to rest outdoors.


• building permit
• 10 320 leasable space [sq.m]
• 2 505 typical floor area [sq.m]
• 1 underground storey
5 (ground floor + 4 floors) overground storeys
• 91 ground level parking places
• 204 underground parking places
• the possibility of connecting buildings L1 and L2 with a lacing in two variants: 2nd floor L2 with 3rd floor L1 or 3rd floor L2 with 4th floor L1 – then the total area of ​​typical floors connected with a batten is 4,955 [sq.m].


Buildings' plans

Building L2 is distinguished by its spatial composition. It is functional, and can be a perfect offer for a tailor-made office space designed for a single tenant.

Building linking:

Ground floor L2:

Typical floor L2:

Exemplary floor arrangement L2:

Top floor L2: